In the world of Crypto, We are all Punks.

Wasssssup! Crypto Guys~

As the initiator of this project, let me introduce myself. I am a firm believer in Bitcoin! Some people may think this sounded silly, but what I have yearned for is not simply the profits from the investment, but the spirit of liberalism that blockchain upholds. Although it may not seem realistic now, I believe that once blockchain technology becomes widespread, the liberalism that is implemented through code will be a reality. Therefore, I joined a team of miners that hoped to contribute my humble efforts to the infrastructure of blockchain and to jointly maintain the Bitcoin network. Surely, I also believe it is a very good investment.

After working in the crypto for some years, I realize that many people had a strong Punk spirit. That's why I always say: In the world of Crypto, We are all Punks.

The popularity of Crypto and dApps is the trend and also the ambition of us "Hodlers". Although it is presently under a period of asset bubbles, we are excited to see the development of technology that is gradually poised to disrupt different industrial structures.

Alright, let's get back to the topic. The raise of NFTs has given us a lot of interesting discoveries, and now blockchain is no longer just a series of candles or a bunch of boring letters combining some numerics, or a bunch of incomprehensible whitepapers..

CryptoPunks of the NFT is just like Bitcoin of the blockchain. In my mind, no matter how expensive the floor price of BAYC is, it can't replace CryptoPunks. Additionally, because of being PixelArt, the style of art has left a deep impression on me during my childhood, it wouldn't be outdated no matter how long it has been existing, and it is still so kindness. I believe there are many others have the same feeling. Based on these factors, it is even more meaningful when it can be inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. So may I have you attention please! Now we inscribed the first truly significant NFT Collection in human history on the first blockchain in human history! Couldn't you imagine how amazing it is? Thankfully, Ordinals has achieved the valuable storage on Bitcoin.

Next, I would like to talk about the activities of inscribing the original Punk on Bitcoin blocks. Many people, including me, regret that we didn't have enough time to synchronize the full node and inscribe it. At that moment, the only available OrdinalsBot was unexpectedly crashed for a long time... Although we could buy it on the secondary market in the later time, but, what we actually want to do is to personally inscribe my punk on Bitcoin with my own wallet. Therefore, I believe this incident is strongly unfair to the original holders and those who did not have enough time to synchronize the full node. Of course, this can only be blamed on myself for not to realise it earlier, and so missed the chance. So, I have been thinking deeply about what I can do.

Not longer before, I have been obsessed with NFTs and often dismantled the traits of various NFTs to create my own combinations. Further, I separated all the traits of the CryptoPunks and recorded the existing trait combinations. Based on the approximate rarity distribution of each feature, I generated 10,000 new and completely unique Punks with no repeat. Theoretically, based on the current number of feature combinations, it is possible to generate nearly 2 million unique Punks. In my experience of creating NFTs on Ethereum, I have worked tirelessly for a period of time and created what you see. My goal is to help those in need to generate and inscribe their own Punks in an easy way, while also striving for maximising fun, fairness, and decentralization. I hope to achieve these through the following points:

  • How to make it funny
  • The selection of the Punk is done in a way similar to flipping cards. When the countdown of the refresh button beside is ended, you can randomly pick 5 new Punks and decide which one to inscribe on the Bitcoin blockchain according to your own preferences.
  • How to make it fair
  • Firstly, time is limited for picking the Punk.
  • All tasks submitted by participants are sorted according to the submission time, and there is a clear timeline record on the page. The backend is processed by multiple full-node servers. If you inscribe a Punk that someone else has already submitted, there will be a prominent reminder on the page, which can help you to avoid unnecessary waste and duplicate inscribing. Surely, if you really like the Punk and intend to compete, you can increase the miner's fee to get a higher priority. I hope the instruction can help you to understand the situation clearly before making a decision.
  • At the bottom of the homepage, you can always see the recently inscribed Punks, and also combined with the congestion of the Bitcoin network, that clearly shows us what is happening.
  • How to make holders as decentralized as possible
  • In addition to the miner fee, we would also charge a service fee. Firstly, the fee is set at a reasonable and acceptable level. Secondly, however, the fee surely would not be set too low that it can be completely ignored. Combined with the time limit for selection, we aim to avoid a small number of people own a large number of punks. The service fee will be used not only to pay for the early work, server expenses, and operation costs, but also as the starting capital for BitPunks.
  • !!! Attention !!!
  • The inscribed image metadata is the same as the original punk, a small image of 24x24 pixels. So please do not download the images from the website for inscribe. Only after the successful inscribing, you can see the true metadata at the bottom of the homepage and in other inscription browsers.

I believe that even if I don't do this, some others will do it in the future. I heard that some peoples are worried about copyright issues, but personally as a holder of an original Punk, I don't care at all. Instead, I hope that more people can own Punks and understand CryptoPunks history in the NFT world. Moreover, BitcoinPunks has already launched an activity to inscribe our Punks onto the Bitcoin blockchain without permission. Therefore, by initiating BitPunks, I hope that more people can join in owning Punks, which is a double win situation. The fact is, once the Punks are inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, they are permanently stored and can't be taken by anyone without the private key. I hope that in the future, any Punks fans and blockchain fans can easily own a Punk. The value may vary depending on the time of inscribing, but the consensus of more and more participants is the greatest value of an NFT Collection. As more participants, as less number of possible combinations left, so everyone will cherish Punks that were inscribed in the history.

BitPunks : The first brand new Punk collection on Bitcoin.