Generative BRC-721 BitPunks

< 4120 / 4120 Inscribed >

Generative BRC-721 is a solution to optimize block space usage in the Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem.

Actually, the initial way of minting BitPunks aims to achieve maximizing holders decentralization and minimizing repeated inscriptions, so we are combining these with GEN-BRC-721 that to create GBRC721 BitPunks.

Total supply: 4120

We reduced the total supply of BitPunks from 10,000 to 5,880, so we set the total supply of GBRC721 BitPunks to: 10000 - 5880 = 4120.
BitPunks and GBRC721 BitPunks are two independent collections, that are listed seperatly on secondary market.


Based on popularizing GBRC721 standard, first 1000 mints enjoy free of charge (surely the miners fee is still required), and BitPunks and Bitamigos still enjoy discount on service charge.
The remaining 3120: 0.000721


First round - invisible launch: We announce to all BitPunks/ Bitamigos holders in BitPunks and Bitamigos Discord - Raid channel.
Second round - fully disclosed: After the inscription number reach 300 on the 1st round or 24-hours have passed, we will fully disclose.


Same as BitPunks, that to be minted by drawing card mode, but the difference is, the random draw not only include non-inscribed GBRC721 BitPunks but also include CryptoPunks and BitPunks. While GBRC721 BitPunks come up, the picture is shown in discriminated red-blue-red gradient color(blind box), and the inscribe link is shown on the bottom.
Once the inscribe-txn has been confirmed, the real time rendering generated GBRC721 BitPunks can be checked through BitPunks GBRC721 browser.

Holders right

GBRC721 BitPunks owns partly rights of BitPunks: roles of Discord and Launcher voting rights (not including Insbot service charge derate).
Nevertheless, if you are Bitamigos holders, more surprise are coming.

We hope
  1. a\ to popularize GBRC721 standard.
  2. b\ to let more people know about CryptoPunks.
  3. c\ to popularize BitPunks is not simply copied, each BitPunk is rebuilt by CryptoPunks genes, that is unique.
  4. d\ to let Punk fans to own a brand new and unique Punk on Bitcoin, in the most economical way atm.
  5. e\ to participants feel easy on the process of mint under the way we are.
  6. f\ to advocate creators, who launch project through GBRC721, to prevent repeatly, that to avoid eventually contradictory caused.